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Intranet portals: What’s in a name?

by Guy van Leemput
September 29, 2011
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Are you confused by the terminology surrounding intranet portals? Do you wonder when an intranet stops being an intranet and becomes a portal? Should you care?

Intranet portal technology has been around for quite a few years and has by now earned its right under the sun. In parallel, regular intranets have also evolved over time. They are no longer the static, one-way communication channels of the past; they now integrate many different sources of content, resources and tools. And in the end the objective of both approaches is the same: to provide employees with a single, centralized and user-friendly access to all the information and applications that they need to do their daily jobs.Raymond Boissevain

At the Dutch government, this objective was the driving force behind the recent project to replace the 16 various intranets of the individual ministries by a single portal. Raymond Boissevain, communication and online media expert at the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, will share his experiences with the design, the rollout and the adoption of the new ‘Rijksportaal’. A key element of the success has been the focus on proper governance: keeping stakeholders fully engaged at all stages along the way.

Raymond’s insights should be of particular interest to other government or complex non-profit organizations, but also commercial firms can learn a lot from his approach.

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