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What is ‘Remixology’?

by Janus Boye
September 21, 2011
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We live in a world of remixable media in marketing where there is potential value in giving away something for nothing. While we usually avoid new terms and try to stay with plain English, we think that Michael Fienen, Director of Web Marketing at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, has coined a useful and innovative term: remixology.

Remixology impacts on how we think about digital marketing and when deconstructed it is made up of 3 key ingredients:

According to Michael and many other experts, the future of marketing lies in communities. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – wherever your audience is, they are talking about you.

In a session that should be popular on the digital marketing conference track, Michael will share how as our audiences become more sophisticated and their expectations evolve, it is no longer good enough to market at them. You have to consider how you engage with them, and in turn creating a culture of brand evangelists. But it isn’t easy.

When we look at some of the most successful videos on YouTube, one of the most common themes is how they manage to mix content. One specific example of remixology in action is remix.nin.com, an interactive community for creating, sharing, and listening to nine inch nails remixes.

As we begin to consider new, fun, engaging ways of interacting with communities, it is important to consider what role remixable media will play in promoting your brand. Some brands have tried and failed. Some have found success. Others still are missing huge opportunities.

To dive deeper into this topic, learn more and prepare for the conference, visit the blog Everything is a Remix and start with this Part 1 video on Everything is a Remix.

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