Chaos in context: Informed design through analytics

Michael Fienen

Speakers: Michael Fienen
Time: 16.15-17.00 Wednesday, 9. Nov 2011
Session: Higher Education – Analytics
Track: Higher education

Analytics: they are a great business tool. They help you measure performance. They help you profile users. They help you gauge popularity.

But, analytics are more than just pages of hit counts and bounce rates. They can also be a very important design tool that can ensure you make educated, informed decisions on how your site evolves over time.

As sites age, the act of redesigning serves a necessary, but costly role. It can frequently be a much better use of resources to constantly be realigning instead. That is – making a consistent stream of smaller, incremental changes over time. To do this, information in your analytics can help resolve tools that are failing, falling out of use, or not being understood.

We’ll take a look at how you can extract context from Google Analytics in order to plan changes to your web site’s home page and templates.

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