Going mobile: What comes next?

Guy Van Leemput

Speakers: Guy Van Leemput
Time: 16.15-17.00 Wednesday, 9. Nov 2011
Session: Going Mobile – In 2015
Track: Going mobile


How will mobile access change the way in which your customers, partners and employees interact with you online? What will be the mobile ‘killer apps’? This presentation has some of the answers, but there will also an opportunity for you to contribute your out-of-the-box thinking!

Smartphones and tablets continue to penetrate our daily lives at an incredible pace. This creates new ways of interacting with employees and customers alike, and opens the door to new opportunities in sales, marketing and support of your products and services. There are also great new opportunities for improving user experience and application design, free from the traditional keyboard and mouse.

Get a taste for what the future of mobile will bring, and contribute your own creative thinking to this interactive session.