Expert panel discussion

Time: 14.00-15.00 Thursday, 10. Nov 2011

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Keynote: It’s 2021: Do you know where your digital stuff is?

Time: 9.15-10.00 Thursday, 10. Nov 2011

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Cathy Marshall is a Principal Researcher in Microsoft Research’s Silicon Valley Lab. She knows a huge amount about human interaction when mediated by technology; how the deployment and intervention of technology affect how people interact, socially as well as professionally.

Cathy is currently working on Community Information Management applications, which is all about ways of supporting loosely structured communities that need to share information. She also looks at personal digital archiving and social media ownership; the latter a subject that is provoking many questions and much confusion in most organisations.

Cathy’s interests include digital archiving; collaborative information management; how people use and share encountered information; how people read, annotate, navigate through, and interact with ebooks and other digital material; and spatial hypertext. She holds refreshingly provocative views on topics like the Semantic Web and social tagging.

In 2009, she wrote a book about reading on the screen Reading and Writing the Electronic Book. It explores among other things reading as a social activity and thoughts about going beyond the print book (see a review).

Previously, Cathy worked at the Fuji Xerox Palo Alto lab for 20 years.

Check out her personal blog, ‘Nomiddleinitial’