June 2012

From too many websites to 1

What do you do when your online presence keeps expanding with websites, campaign sites and new online channels, but your resources (surprise!) stay the same? So far to most the futile answer has been to try to maintain and update the ever-growing mountain of sites and content. But that’s a battle you […]

August 2011

Governments have too many websites

Today most countries are drowning in central government websites. In a small, but highly digital country like Denmark with just over 5 million inhabitants there are currently 1000+ government websites and in the US the number is 24.000 websites.

There are certainly more government websites out there than necessary.

To put it another way – time has […]

April 2011

Social media policies: trust better than control

The use of social media by employees continues to be an area that gets close attention by almost every organisation. Some already have success stories to share, many have valuable learnings, some are planning and piloting while others have simply decided not to allow it.

Invariably though, managers are struggling with the ‘rules of the game’:

Should […]

July 2010

Is your organisation ready for the next big web technology project?

It really does not matter what you are trying to achieve; whether implementing content management, search, portal or something “social”, the project is certain to face internal organizational challenges along the way and will require a level of organizational maturity in order to avoid complete failure. How do you figure out whether your organization is […]

November 2009

Merge your Web and CRM teams

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a meeting in London in our UK Web Manager Group. At the meeting I talked to Gerard Walsh from investment manager Schroders. With the unusual title of Head of Web and CRM, Walsh has a different perspective and broader mandate than most other web managers.

While listening […]

August 2009

Developing a web strategy – will it wear you out?

Many web managers and consultants agree that having a web strategy and governance structure in place would make their job much easier and would provide benefits for the organisation.

However, most web managers also agree that moving from the day to day tasks of maintaining a website to thinking strategically is an overwhelming task. It requires […]

July 2009

SharePoint 2010: On governance and upgrading

Earlier this week Microsoft released sneak peak videos of SharePoint 2010, which have created quite a buzz among the many working within the SharePoint goldmine. A blog post by US-based SharePoint expert Mauro Cardarelli, co-author of “Essential SharePoint 2007 – Delivering High Impact Collaboration”, called Planning for SharePoint 2010, caught my attention as he called […]

April 2009

Decentralised web teams require central control

A while ago my colleague Janus Boye wrote an interesting blog post recommending that you decentralise your web team in order to get the most out of talented employees outside the central web team and benefit from their knowledge of local requirements. I definitely recognise his observation that creative individuals with strong online skills can […]