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Government of the Netherlands

Intranet portals: What’s in a name?

September 29, 2011 | , , | No Comments

Are you confused by the terminology surrounding intranet portals? Do you wonder when an intranet stops being an intranet and becomes a portal? Should you care?

Intranet portal technology has been around for quite a few years and has by now earned its right under the sun. In parallel, regular intranets have also evolved over time. They are no longer the static, one-way communication channels of the past; they now integrate many different sources of content, resources and tools. And in the end the objective of both approaches is the same: to provide employees with a single, centralized and user-friendly access to all the information and applications that they need to do their daily jobs.Raymond Boissevain

At the Dutch government, this objective was the driving force behind the recent project to replace the 16 various intranets of the individual ministries by a single portal. Raymond Boissevain, communication and online media expert at the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, will share his experiences with the design, the rollout and the adoption of the new ‘Rijksportaal’. A key element of the success has been the focus on proper governance: keeping stakeholders fully engaged at all stages along the way.

Raymond’s insights should be of particular interest to other government or complex non-profit organizations, but also commercial firms can learn a lot from his approach.

Interested to see more intranet case studies? Join the J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark, from 8 to 10 November 2011 and don’t miss the full-day, dedicated intranet track!

Digital team

A digital team of excellence is what you need

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Over the past year the J. Boye groups on web management, strategy and governance have spend much time discussing the role of their team. The discussions mostly stem from the positive fact that most enterprises have become more mature in their use of digital media. However it also raises a few potential issues for the web manager:

  • What is the justification of a central web team when all other business units are integrating digital activities naturally and competently?
  • With emerging new opportunities in the area of digital media, where does the responsibility of the central web team end? For example: Is social media part of marketing, communication or PR?
  • How important is experience, when your area of expertise is changing quickly and the job market is flooded with people who have actual degrees in E-commerce and Online Marketing?

The need to redefine the role of the central web team is pressing for an increasing number of web managers and some are acting.

Lars Bøgner from Leo Pharma has more than 10 years experience from classical corporate web teams. This year he renamed his team to the “Digital Center of Excellence” and whenever he talks to his peers about it, they envy him. Come listen to his talk “The end of the Web Team as we know it” at the Digital Strategy and Governance conference track at J. Boye Aarhus 11 conference in November and understand why.