November 2011

Going mobile: NOS delivers content anywhere, anytime on any screen

An excellent example of an organization that has fully embraced mobile content and applications is NOS, the Dutch public broadcasting company. James Tjan, Project Manager New Media, showed the conference crowd at J. Boye’s recent

May 2011

Use mobile phones for navigation and support

Most large organisations, in particular hospitals, museums and libraries, devote tremendous resources to assist their visitors finding their way around their locations, and are answering the same questions from visitors over and over again.

During her conference talk at the J. Boye Philadelphia 11, Martha Gabriel from Brazil shared several ideas for how to use social […]

Online strategy: get those top tasks right!

Are you revisiting your online strategy? Do you want to increase the value generated by your websites or your intranet? Then start first and foremost by getting those tasks right that contribute the most to your business objectives.

This is the key message coming from Mike Atyeo, co-founder and president of Neo Insight, and one of the […]

February 2010

Who are the leading mobile CMS vendors?

All modern CMS vendors claim to be capable of delivering content to mobile devices. Some even offer additional modules to make the implementation faster and easier. However, as a customer, how do you separate marketing from reality? We decided to explore how seriously the vendors treat mobile devices and took a look at their websites […]