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Kent Bottles

Digital has Changed the Game in Health

October 13, 2011 | , , | No Comments

It is exciting times for those promoting better engagement of patients. The rapidly evolving online and mobile platforms are enabling better and more effective channelling of information, better mutual access between patients and care providers and is generally bringing the concept of participatory health closer to everyone.

This is an area with great potential for those with expertise in managing the online and mobile solutions in the health industries – which is what we will focus on at Thursday’s Online Health track. We will be featuring projects that have been making strides and hear the experiences from the people behind, such as Jens Ole Henriksen, until recently CIO at Odense University Hospital who will talk about the use of smartphones in a clinical environment: “EHR, Self Care and Information in Your Pocket”.

The world over, health care costs are spiralling. While medical innovations, in the form of clinical technologies and prescription drugs, have lengthened lives and, in many cases, enhanced quality of lives, they are usually cost-increasing. What can be done to stem the health cost spiral while fostering innovation in health? The answer is engaging people-patients more integrally and intimately in their care; leveraging information and communications technologies as platforms for connecting patients with providers, health coaches, and trusted health advisors. All research shows that the patients and clinicians alike are increasingly happy to embrace the new channels and are starting to realize the huge benefits.

The conference track will be opened by Dr. Kent Bottles, who has a long and distinguished track record in this area and who comes at it as both a clinician, an academic and a technology expert, thus bringing together all the main areas in the field of online health. Dr. Bottles who is normally based in Philadelphia, will discuss how Web 2.0 concepts are transforming health care delivery, touching on social media, epidermal electronics and the quantified self movement, captology and simulated environments for cybertherapy, gamification, and smartphone apps. Join the online health track for an overview of developments in the field and a series of recent real-life cases.

Daniel Lewis

Mobile intranet: nice-to-have or must-have?

September 16, 2011 | , | 1 Comment

Mobile access to the intranet has been on the radar of intranet managers for some time, but actual implementations are still scarce. According to last year’s Global Intranet Trends for 2011 report from Jane McConnell, 7% of participating organizations have optimized their intranet for access by mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), while another 25% are in a planning or piloting stage.

So what is holding organizations back? Clearly, intranet professionals with mobile aspirations still face quite a few challenges. To list just a few:

  • Defining the initial scope and required functionality: Mobile versions of the intranet are not just slimmed-down copies of their bigger brother. Instead, they need to deliver specific functionality that the targeted group of users need when they are on the go.
  • Getting management buy-in: All too often, senior management is not yet convinced of the benefits and is reluctant to invest.
  • Making the right technical choices: This will vary from one organization to another. For instance, the choice will depend heavily on the type and the amount of different smartphone platforms to be supported.

In his presentation at the Aarhus 11 conference, Dan Lewis from the Judge Group will address all of these challenges. He will make the case that mobile access to the corporate intranet is no longer an optional feature. Join Dan in the intranet track on Thursday 10 November to hear how Judge Group’s new mobile intranet is boosting productivity, and discover what it will take in your organization to go mobile!

Industry expert Martin White returns to Aarhus to share his vast experiences on intranets, search and enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility: A new working environment

September 7, 2011 | | No Comments

For the past year, there has been a huge interest in proving a wider range of services to staff  using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As work has moved beyond the original confines of the physical office, new issues have emerged and much attention has been given to user experience and design issues, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

According to a study from International Data Corporation, the worldwide mobile worker population is set to increase from 919.4m in 2008, accounting for 29% of the worldwide workforce, to 1.19bn in 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce.

Joining us at J. Boye Aarhus 11 is UK information expert Martin White, who will open the Going Mobile conference track with a keynote on enterprise mobility. He will go beyond the design of mobile sites and apps and cover some other very important issues, which are affecting the new working environment where employees use mobile devices when working with enterprise applications.

According to Martin White the key enterprise mobility issues include:

  • Will there be enough bandwidth for mobile broadband?
  • Who will own the handset and pay the bills?
  • How will security be managed?
  • How will users be able to use enterprise search applications?
  • Will business intelligence applications swallow up the intranet contribution?

Martin White is the Managing Director of Intranet Focus, which he established in 1999. Over the last ten years Martin has worked on nearly 100 intranet projects, published several books and spoken at conferences around the world.