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Chaos - sometimes thats how brands are managed in organizations

Digital Brand Management

October 14, 2011 | , , , | No Comments

How do you define digital brand management? I would say, good brand managers make dead sure that the organization has a consistent representation of the brand on the web.

Large brands in particular will have lots of different websites addressing different segments and products. Decentralization is a good way to address different market needs, but the consequence is it leads to more diversity of your brand.

So where to start with your digital brand management?

Let us dive into one small part which is often underestimated: domain management. Of course, managing brands is way more than just managing domains. Very often domains are not even managed by the brand manager.

This can lead to having a portfolio of domain names which do not represent the overall digital brand strategy.

So why not start with getting your domain landscape in order? Researching which domains your organization owns and putting them down on paper is a healthy process. It will show how your digital brand is seen from outside of the organization. I would not be surprised if this landscape is out of sync with your internal view.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

Of course, doing such research might result in waking up sleeping dogs. Problems may come up, domains you think you own but in fact you don’t and a lot of domains you own but you never need. You will find silos representing your brand and maybe even domains owned by your competitors which belong to you.

What you will further on discover when looking a bit deeper into that data will be discussed by Ulrich Gröpke and Martin Küchenthal in the digital marketing track at our conference in November. You will learn how to use domain management as a strategic tool to optimize your digital brand strategy.

What are your experiences with domains? Do you as marketing or communication manager in charge of domain management? What other aspects of digital brand management are you interested in?

What is the role of an online strategist?

October 10, 2011 | , | No Comments

As many aspects of the web are evolving, the role of those working with web and new media strategies has changed.

In this brief video Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy, Smithsonian Institution explains his thinking on how the role is different today compared to 10 years ago:

In the video postcard from inside the Smithsonian, Michael shares the underlying theme of his keynote on Wednesday, November 9 in Aarhus titled Going boldly into the present. In his talk, Michael will explain how he recently realized that the role as an online strategists, has moved from crystal ball gazing to looking clearly at what can be done now with the tools and platforms we have at our disposal today.

According to Michael the future we until recently could only dream about with crowdsourcing, community co-creation, cheap ubiquitous technology, commodity web hosting, cloud and powerful mobile computing which is in fact happening right now.

You can still secure your ticket for J. Boye Aarhus 11 conference, and hear Michael talk about design patterns for organisational strategists from all types of organisations and how you can benefit from those new possibilities.

Digital team

A digital team of excellence is what you need

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Over the past year the J. Boye groups on web management, strategy and governance have spend much time discussing the role of their team. The discussions mostly stem from the positive fact that most enterprises have become more mature in their use of digital media. However it also raises a few potential issues for the web manager:

  • What is the justification of a central web team when all other business units are integrating digital activities naturally and competently?
  • With emerging new opportunities in the area of digital media, where does the responsibility of the central web team end? For example: Is social media part of marketing, communication or PR?
  • How important is experience, when your area of expertise is changing quickly and the job market is flooded with people who have actual degrees in E-commerce and Online Marketing?

The need to redefine the role of the central web team is pressing for an increasing number of web managers and some are acting.

Lars Bøgner from Leo Pharma has more than 10 years experience from classical corporate web teams. This year he renamed his team to the “Digital Center of Excellence” and whenever he talks to his peers about it, they envy him. Come listen to his talk “The end of the Web Team as we know it” at the Digital Strategy and Governance conference track at J. Boye Aarhus 11 conference in November and understand why.