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Caroline Jarrett

Real, useful data through better designed surveys

November 2, 2011 | , , , , | No Comments

We all want to plan our online developments and activities around the requirements of the users. But what are they? There are several ways of finding out. One way to get answers and data fast is through surveys. Quickly and easily distributed and the data comes back in a uniform format. However, we are all being bombarded with surveys in our inboxes, in pop-up windows, on the social media networks etc. and many of them are frankly not particularly intelligently designed and the questions not very well written. This leads to a tedious experience for the respondent (whom often ends up dropping off before completing) and it also results in poor data ending back with the survey sender.

But don’t despair: you can acquire the skills needed to create the perfect survey at one of Tuesday’s half-day tutorials: Surveys in Practice and Theory. We have invited UK based usability expert, Caroline Jarrett to share her experience – which includes working on improving form usability and designs at the national tax authorities of both the UK, the US and Australia. She promotes user centered design and has lectured and written on this and related topics.

Her tutorial will focus on how to improve the quality of your surveys, leading to better quality data as a result. Areas covered:

  • How to write questions that are easy to answer
  • A practical process for turning a list of questions into a planned survey that delivers real value
  • What the theory tells us about an ideal process for developing your survey.
  • The importance of different types of error in surveys: sampling, non-response, and measurement
  • Tips from the survey methodologists on improving your survey.

Caroline would like to hear from you if you have any specific questions about surveys which you would like covered in her session. You can post your questions and ideas in the comments field below or send it directly to Caroline: caroline.jarrett@effortmark.co.uk