March 2012

Intranet redesign: Judge Group says Fat is where it is at

No this isn’t about obesity, it is about a key aspect to the Judge Group’s intranet redesign.  At a recent J. Boye Boston Intranet group meeting Dan Lewis, Intranet Manager for the Judge Group, spoke about his intranet redesign.  Dan chose a “search first” design approach but he knew some users would need navigation aides […]

April 2011

CMS usability: The overlooked part of digital productivity

Most digital projects focus on converting site visitors to customers, providing citizens with information, extending business processes to employees or collaborating with partners. Unfortunately employees are struggling behind the scenes with Web content management systems that are generally difficult to use and frustrating to create content in, cumbersome to administrate and far from easy to […]

February 2010

Make your intranet easier to use in 2010

A common goal for most intranet managers in our communities of practice is to improve the usability of their intranets in 2010. Much has been written and said on the topic of intranet usability, but interestingly at a couple of recent intranet group meetings, several intranet managers pleaded guilty to expecting everyone else to just […]

April 2009

Don’t let your redesign ruin the user experience

Facebook recently redesigned their user interface to the dissatisfaction of many users, including my colleague Sara Redin, who got lost in the redesign. Other recent significant and disturbing redesigns include Financial Times, Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

All these now have a ‘cooler’ looking user interface. However, I would argue that the actual user experience has […]

February 2009

Great web content without assisted choices is a waste

I recently lost my social security card and went online to order a new one. I was not sure which public authority was responsible for issuing the card but fortunately Copenhagen (my municipality) had ensured that their ordering page came up near the top on Google – and it even turned out that I could […]