August 2012

Responsive web design continues to take the world by storm

Developing for a Mobile First world is turning into a very exciting time for architects, developers, and designers of all things digital.  We are creating experiences for devices that have surpassed almost all other forms of media (except possibly traditional television and PCs) in terms of how people consume content.

There is a dynamic ecosystem that we […]

May 2012

Responsive Design and Mobile First – Look Before You Leap

At the J. Boye Philadelphia 2012 conference, there was quite a bit of talk about Responsive Design to aid us in a Mobile First approach to the web.  It seemed as though almost every slide from the Content Management to the User Experience tracks and everything in between mentioned Responsive Design.

Honestly, I am extremely pleased […]

January 2012

How Jyske Bank pulled off responsive web design

Jyske Bank is the largest Danish bank headquartered outside Copenhagen. Sometimes they do things a little differently. When they recently re-launched their web presence they managed to introduce responsive web design; a new and useful web design standard.

One of the major benefits is that responsive web design moves the focus away from technology and […]

October 2011

UPM explores the one page website

Microsites tend to be everything but smart little websites. They are overcrowded with information, complex to navigate, outdated shortly after launch and impossible to maintain. One page websites aim to change all of this by providing the user with enough information on a single page to make a decision and act on it.

Think of it […]

September 2011

Navigation is for losers!

The game is changing and there’s a major shift happening in the way we design websites. I’ve been in endless meetings with heated discussions over website or intranet navigation and information architecture. Should the navigation be aligned following departmental structures, product lines or copied from the competitors?

Once the navigation has been decided, the actual implementation often turns out to be complex and […]

July 2011

Find the needle in the haystack that is semantic web

Spending time at the IKS Paris Workshop this week, what strikes me first and foremost is the sheer distance; the distance between the skilled state-of-the-art developers and vendors, working with semantic web and the absent practitioner.

One thing is bringing semantic web to web content management. Another more decisive distance that needs to be covered is […]

May 2011

Online strategy: get those top tasks right!

Are you revisiting your online strategy? Do you want to increase the value generated by your websites or your intranet? Then start first and foremost by getting those tasks right that contribute the most to your business objectives.

This is the key message coming from Mike Atyeo, co-founder and president of Neo Insight, and one of the […]

April 2011

CMS usability: The overlooked part of digital productivity

Most digital projects focus on converting site visitors to customers, providing citizens with information, extending business processes to employees or collaborating with partners. Unfortunately employees are struggling behind the scenes with Web content management systems that are generally difficult to use and frustrating to create content in, cumbersome to administrate and far from easy to […]

March 2011

Should intranets be ‘lickable’? The (relative) importance of beauty

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Keats was certainly not thinking of intranets when he wrote his famous poem. But today’s intranet managers do face many questions related to the aesthetics of their platform: How important is it for an intranet to be ‘beautiful’? Will it increase adoption? Will it increase employee satisfaction? […]

January 2011

Grundfos: Performance is crucial for the web experience

Slow load times is often cited as one of the key reasons why people leave a website. Making a website really fast is quite complicated though, and unfortunately there is no silver bullet. At Grundfos, the world’s largest pump manufacturer with more than 18,000 employees globally, they built performance into their website relaunch project from […]

June 2009

Complete Firefox support required

Today it is still common to find commercial web systems that only support Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). With Firefox usage share at 22%, the days are over when you as a customer should silently accept this. Do you really want to limit the user experience and functionality for 22% of all users?

The second browser war […]

March 2009

Facebook, I got lost in your redesign!

Facebook just relaunched their site with a new and (supposedly) improved interaction design.

This has completely ruined the user experience for me. OK, I admit it: the reason I like Facebook is because it satisfies my inner gossip streak to follow my friends’ lives without direct verbal or physical interaction.

When on Facebook I don’t read all […]